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An effervescent and incredibly drinkable
mashup of Vikre gin, liqueur with flavors of grapefruit
and elderflower, sparkling rosé, and lemon juice.

Frenchie Ready to Drink Cocktail

“I don't normally go for canned cocktails, but TRUST ME, and trust Vikre Distillery! They know what's up.”

-B in Minneapolis
Emily Vikre


I’m Emily!  I’m the co-founder and arbiter of taste of Vikre Distillery and the Vikre Cocktail Room in lovely Duluth, Minnesota. There I create spirits that are award-winning, organic, hand-crafted…and a whole bunch of other snazzy adjectives too.  I have a PhD in Food Policy and Nutrition, and I’m working on writing my first cocktail book as we speak (coming out in spring 2020, whee!). In addition to being a business owner, I’m also mom to two adorable, extremely high-energy little boys and a dog named Squid. I (not so) secretly wish I were a ballerina, and if I had to choose between giving up cheese forever or giving up chocolate forever, I think I would give up cheese. I hope we can still be friends.

At the end of the week, when I’m finally relaxing on the couch with a friend, and the kids are mayyyyybe in bed to stay (maybe??), I love to sip something special, bubbly and polka dotted (especially polka dotted. obviously.), but I don’t want to have to measure and shake and strain. That’s why I created Frenchie (and forthcoming friends). To bring us all my favorite cocktails with the easiness and approachability of a can, but without compromising a single one of the meticulous standards I apply when making our spirits or our cocktails at our bar.  I hope these little drinks bring you immense fun and joy.



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Vikre Distillery's organic, gold medal winning Boreal Juniper Gin, combined with sustainably certified rosé wine, a gently floral rosé liqueur, and tart lemon juice.

Just Chill and Serve!
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1 Can
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2 Cocktails

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