Bartender crafted cocktails with a charm to match your own.


Frenchie Cocktails
Emily Vikre


Welcome friend, to the home of the OG handcrafted cocktail in a can! It seems like everybody is making canned cocktails these days, but NOBODY else does it like us. We are truly one of the only craft distilleries actually making our own canned cocktails in-house, by hand, with our own ingredients. We infuse our craft spirits with hand-chosen whole organic botanicals, then blend them with sustainably farmed wine and real fruit juices one tiny meticulous batch at a time.

Frenchie and friends want to join you at the pool and the beach, at picnics and cocktail parties, at bonfires and brunches, to make any hour feel like golden hour. Because you can’t fit a personal bartender in your tote bag, but now you almost can.

XOXO, Emily Vikre | Co-Founder and CEO of Vikre Distillery

Canned cocktails
just got…Classy!

Frenchie Cocktail Can


Juniper, Elderflower, Lemon

Elegant yet playful, a perfect balance of floral, sweet, and tart. Our spirits distilled with more than a dozen botanicals, including juniper, elderflower, coriander, and citrus, blended with bubbly rosé wine, and real lemon juice. Gluten free, all natural.


Rhubarb Orange hibiscus Spritz

Sassy, citrusy, and ready for adventure. Gently bittersweet and beautiful. Our house made bitter orange aperitivo, combined with fine wine and soda water for our perfect take on the Italian spritz. Gluten free, all natural.

Vélo Cocktail Can
Briar Cocktail Can


Blackberry Rhubarb

As demure and delightful as a summer afternoon sitting in a garden. Our spirits infused with soft herbs, blended with juicy blackberry, apple, and rhubarb, topped with bubbly wine. No added sugar, but also no compromises on flavor. Gluten free, all natural.

Not Another Fizzy Drink

I mean, yes, these cocktails are perfectly petillant. But, they are also so much more. Drawing on the tradition of aperitif, Frenchie & Friends cocktails are a remarkable balance of lightness and richness, complexity and easy enjoyment. We treat each drink as a work of art. We make them totally in house with real ingredients. In fact, they are so handmade with so much love that it’s almost silly. But we can’t help it! We love these cocktails. And we know you will too.

Kind Words from Wise Folks

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