Dips and Sips for Game Day

by | Nov 16, 2022

woman on truck tail gate waving a sports flag and holding a canned cocktail

Ok, I’m going to preface this by saying that most sports involving balls are not particularly in my wheelhouse. As a Norwegian, I was raised with the indisputable conviction that the 4X15 km Nordic Skiing relay was the HEIGHT of nail-biting sports drama. And that if a sport didn’t involve endurance and ice or snow and people collapsing at the finish covered in their own snot, then was it really a sport?

All this to say, I don’t know what sport (sports?) season it is right now. Baseball? American Football? BUT, I have also gathered that one does not actually need to be spellbound by what’s being televised because game day entertainment focuses as much on snacks and beverages as the game itself.

I posed the question of favorite sports-watching snacks at a work meeting a few days ago, and a full 45 minute conversation ensued about dips. Dips are important! Dips ignite passion! Not to mention inspire a bit of watering around the edges of the mouth. Heated opinions flew every which way about the best dips and the best things to dip. And while everyone agreed that their Aunt Betty’s old school Velveeta cheese and Jimmy Dean sausage dip was probably the all-time winner, that recipe is also a family secret. 😉 Lucky for you we also have some favorite dip recipes that live on the internet, and we have rounded them up for you. Perfect to pair with our canned cocktails for all your game watching (or not) needs.

Bon Appetit’s Easy Pickle Dip It’s pickle dip! It’s easy! If that’s not all the selling points you need right there, I don’t know what to say.

Ina Garten’s Sun-Dried Tomato Dip  I’m not usually in the pro sun-dried tomato camp, but a) Ina Garten is never wrong and b) this dip is so good many pro entertainers – including the amazing screen writer Nancy Meyers – won’t host without it!

Molly Yeh’s Charred Corn Seven-Layer Dip Molly Yeh routinely reworks classic Midwestern fare with love and care, adding in culinary touches from her Jewish and Chinese heritage. Here she gives the staple seven-layer dip the Yeh treatment with magical results. (P.S. did you know Molly’s an old friend from my food52 days, and she served Vikre Aquavit at her wedding?! She just opened a new restaurant in East Grand Forks and we can’t wait to take a road trip there!)

Alison Roman’s the dip. It’s not called “the” dip for nothin’.

Also, I’m still very into this smoked trout dip that I made in a live instagram last year for NYE. It is good for many dip applications, and also on bagels for breakfast!

instagram screenshot of person showing a cookbook page