Art of Aperitif episode 2: Sarah Edwards

by | Dec 6, 2022

photo of Sarah Edwards and her art by David Sherman


Welcome back to The Art of Aperitif – happy hour conversations with artists, to whet your creative appetite! I hope you’re excited for another conversation with an amazing creative luminary. My guest this week was Sarah Edwards. Sarah is the founder of Minneapolis-based creative agency Some Great People as well as the CEO of Fashion Week Minnesota. She’s also an amazing painter. Her paintings are confident, emotive dreamscapes with waves, clouds, and drips of color. Sarah leads her companies and creates her paintings from a place of inquiry and perspective as a connector. All of her work is driven by a deep desire to listen and connect with people and their diverse stories.

In our artist conversation we talk about her drive to connect and love of people, the pros and cons of having your passion be your work, and finding joy in creative expression where there is no right or wrong and no clear finish line. Sarah also gives us a little sneak overview of a large art show she is working on for February 2023.

Pour yourself a Briar blackberry cocktail (which will be featured in a bonkers installation at Sarah’s show in February) and listen in!